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    GoDaddy offering ColdFusion MX 7 hosting

    Just noticed Godaddy have started to offer ColdFusion MX 7 hosting as an add-on to their regular plans, and really dirt cheap, $1.95/mo. Cheapest I've seen yet.

    .. I'm not affiliated with Godaddy in any way, just found it interesting, and figured I'd mention it.

    What's their reliability?

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    I've only used their domain registration and auction services, but I have been pretty pleased with those.
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    It's not really that cheap in the sense that it's an add-on so it not just going to cost you $1.95 for CF, you need to take into account the plan cost as well.

    I don't really think this is going to cause any problems for us CF hosts as it's like anything else, they don't have the same standard of support as the smaller companies.

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    Yea, i agree flh-wullie. They may offer the technology cheap, but the support and hosting customizations they can't compete with. What do they do in the cast of uploading client custom tags?

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