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    * 200 CPanel Clients For Sale!!!!

    Hi Guys,

    We have 200 Cpanel clients for sale. They are shared and resellers. If you are interested please PM me and I will give you more details. Please do not post on here just PM. Also we are looking for one yrs revenue from the clients or 10 months and a % stake in the buying company.

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    I'd like details as well
    mankie {at} rogers .com


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    id like details ernie at
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    Still havnt gotten response yet, please send me an email or PM, thanks.
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    i got this "dont waste our time" email

    on top of that, they want to see what my budget is.

    it doesn't work like that

    its what are they are willing to sell for it.

    this deal is foggy

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    details please:

    sales [at] 3iiidesign [dot] com

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    no response from that at all here yet

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    Dear All,

    I do have a life and yes I was out yesterday! hehe. Just be patient as we have had over 50 requests already and just trying to get a document out for all of you. Also we have had about 5 very serious requests which we have offers of 1.5 yrs revenue hence we need to attend to all your requests and I will make sure by today evening it is done. We are serious about selling but also serious about finding a good buyer as these clients need a good home and we are responsible for this as its in our hands we find the right place. Hence please all of you who want further details please do not now PM me or post things on here. Please email me at [email protected]. Any PMs that I do have I will get back to you but if you could also email me this would be better.

    All the best guys and may the best company win!

    This deal will be closed on Friday this week latest.

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    With that many replies at 1.5 years revenue there's no need to send me any info

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    Well do not worry as 1.5 revenue is not something that will close the deal. As I said we are looking for someone we can trust to sell the clients onto. This is most important.

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    Perhaps one of the reasons you got so many requests is that you didn't say much about the business. I would bet that all of the requests ask how much is the revenue, among other things.

    If you would provide some basic info, that would cut down a lot of unnecessary requests for you to filter through. For example, if your customers average $20 per month, it would attract a different type of buyers than if it averages only $5 per month.

    Just a friendly suggestion. Myself, I am only interested in those averaging $15+ per month accounts.
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    yup obviously

    it would cut down on people "wasting your time"

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    Ok guys due to this in total the rev stream is 16.5K from the 200 clients and they all have different packages. Some at 2.99 whilst others at 21.99. Most pay monthly some every three months bi and annually. I am looking for 1yr revenue. I hope this does cut down the number of people. Hope this helps!

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    Dear All

    Thank you for your interest. We have too many parties intersted and hence we will have to close the sale now. We will choose from the parties involved. If any of you have offers to make still you have till weds to place them in.

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    this deal sounds shady. AVOID!

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    Originally posted by vip562
    this deal sounds shady. AVOID!
    More information is required.

    What are you basing your statement on?
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    on the fact that this poster does not want to reveal any information.

    If he was asking us to fill out an NDA, then I would understand.

    But he is purposely not disclosing vital information that is necessary for bidding.

    I mean would you bid in an ebay auction just saying "16.5 K revenue 200 customers serious bidders only" with no description.

    Even you say "more information is required"!

    How can people bid at 1.5 times immediately...

    I have been watching these forums for a while and never saw anyone bid higher then at 1-1.1 X revenue.

    WHOEVER THE POSTER PLEASE POST DETAILED INFORMATION! Everybody else does, you should too!

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    If you read my posting you can see that I am asking people to PM me and I will give more information then. There is no NDA to sign as we are not selling the company hence only the clients. If you wish to know where the clients are being sold from then you will need to sign an NDA. A full document will be sent out to parties interested. We have got lots of positive responses and people have offered us our asking price already. We are not taking any more offers at the moment so please close this thread mods.

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    I sent PM yesterday got no response! Please reply!
    Regards, Rumi
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    I never got it. Please send again. We will only consider if you can meet the requirements. We dont want to waste your time or ours!

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