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    what about hostgator?

    hello i want to ask you about hostgator ??

    what is your review?

    i want to take a new reseller with them.

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    Hostgator has a pretty good reputation. They have been researched hundreds of times here on WHT. This should keep you busy for a while;

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    Welcome To WHT Chunky2!

    Just like WindyCity said, search might also help... read those posted by clients of Hostgator based on their experience....

    Shoot some questions to Hostgator might also help you decide.

    Specially 4 You
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    I don't have experience with their reseller hosting, but the shared hosting I've been using has been very good. The server is stable and working properly, which is all I really need.

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    I`ve been with several hosting companies in the past, and I can recommend only 2.

    HostGator and Bliksem Hosting.

    both companies provide excellent uptime, excellent servers, and alot more.

    I`ve been with Hostgator for the last 10 months and about 9 months with Bliksem and I now DO sleep at night.

    Thanks for all the hard work you guys, support, uptime etc.

    Johan H

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    Dan's (ldcdc) website lists honest reviews collected from over the internet on HostGator's hosting. I think that would help you decide whether HostGator is right for you or not.

    They have an amazing reputation here on WHT, and you will barely find any negative feedback on them anywhere.

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