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    Any Solidinternet like Host

    That provide Stable / Fast Hosting with Limited support?

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    What is your budget? How much disk space & bandwidth do you require? What do you mean by "Limited support"?

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    When you ask for "Any Solidinternet like Host" do you mean you're looking for a host with their features for their packages or are you looking for anything specific?

    I take it when you say limited support you mean by their forum support method? looks very nice and a good idea, I personally havnt seen this done with other hosts to offer support via vBulletin/Forum only and not have a helpdesk but theirs certainly looks well organized & put together nicely. It's certainly a nice and easy way to update customers on server status & issues through the portal.

    I'd try doing a search for hosts with the above support method you mentioned, you will find many hosts with forums as part of their support method, but one with forums support method only might be hard to find.

    Good luck!
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