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    What are some key aspects a web hosting much have in a web site to get customers?

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    Wow. That is a very vague question. But I'll give it a shot.

    * Great wording and flow.
    * Uncluttered design.
    * Professionalism.
    * Guarantees of service advertised.
    * Support services advertised.
    * Benefits that seperate you from the crowd.
    * Pricing that doesn't scream overseller.
    * Plans that aren't ridiculous. ie 50Gb space / 500Gb bandwidth on shared server.

    Those things will help for starters.

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    That is exactly what I was looking for. if you have any more helpful hints, that would be great.

    thank you

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    I would include:

    1. Obvious ordering procedure - so that you don't turn away customers when they have already decided to purchase.

    2. Easy access to support channel (helpdesk, phone, email) - so that potential customers can ask questions that will help them decide whether to engage your services.
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    Look at your competition. See what you like about their sites and what you dislike. Dont copy their design but learn from it.

    As already mentioned, get your point across, dont make your site cluttered and have direct access to all your pages.

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