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    Network Help

    I have 5 computers on a network. 3 are wireless and 2 are wired.

    We can download at rocket speed but it takes forever to connect to AIM or load web pages. Any idea's?

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    Have you tried connecting one comp to the modem directly? How's the speeds for that - Your Chinese Radio Online!

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    Sounds like one or more of your DNS servers might be misconfigured. The machines try to query the first DNS server, wait a little and timeout, then hit the second or third server. Thus the delay. Check the settings with your ISP and verify you have 'em entered properly on your router/NAT box.

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    I've had 2 wireless laptops connect on my Linksys Router and 3 desktops connected, all 5 worked fine without any issues, AIM included.

    Might want to check if there are any settings in your router configuration that might affect this, I doubt ports is the problem, maybe look into your Router's support site, there are many faqs/knowledgebase or even community forums for specific routers you can check on.

    Good luck.
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