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    Don't want my site to be accessible from certain countries

    I am in the process of dealing with a lot of credit card fraud orginating from Egypt. This made me think that there should be a way to block my web site (by IP address) from visitors from that country. Does anybody know if it is possible to do? It shouldn't be so hard. Do hosting companies provide this kind of service to their customers?

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    You should find how typical Egyptian IPs look like. Then, if you have CPanel, you may block the entire country by enterering the first numbers while leaving all others blank. For example,if typical Egyptian Ip begins with 1234, you just deny everything that begins with 1234.
    However, this will not defend you againts dynamic IP or proxy servers. I have one visitor who bypasses all IP bans because he uses software thatallows him to stay invisible and proxy server.

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    Use ip2location - it has helped me immensly with detecting countries based on the IP.

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    cPanel allows you to block ips from visiting your website, if you have your own dedicated server you can use a firewall to block ips.

    As mlovick stated above, try using ip2location to get and deny access to entire blocks of ips which might help you.

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    you can probably check with your merchant or gateway if you can integrate a fraud protection service which will very if the card is stolen before you accept the transaction and get charged fees

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    Is the fraud comming from egyption credit cards, or US credit cards been used by people in egypt (if youunder stand what i mean)

    One huge step would be to make sure that the country IP matched the coutnry card and its not a proxy server, you might want to check out as they have some nice tools for doing that.

    Also calling people when they use creditcards helps alot.
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    I know how to tell a country by an IP address. I have been selling intangible merchandise online for the past seven years, so I know quite a bit about all that. Maybe I didn't ask my question well, but the only thing that I want to do now is display "The page cannot be displayed" error when somebody tries to access my web site from Egypt. Is it possible to do?

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    Yes, you would need to block all known egyptian IP's via APF or .htaccess. There's a few sites out there that give you this information, but only a handful that gives you the netblocks to quickly block them. Do a search on Google or on WHT.
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    Originally posted by Douglas
    Yes, you would need to block all known egyptian IP's via APF or .htaccess.
    Can it be done by C-Block? Could you let me know how to do it via .htaccess? Also, does anybody know which company/web site can provide me with all IPs for a certain country?

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    Here is a database contains the IPs and the countries

    In order to determine the country, you need to know some programming knowledge ~

    I know Geo::IP can handle this because I have tested and tried ~

    I doubt .htaccess can determine the countries the IPs belong to ~ If anyone know, that'll be great ~

    You can only block the IP numbers using .htaccess as far as I know of ~

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    If you're receiving such a large number of fraud orders, you might want to look into some sort of phone verification methods for your order process / payment method.

    There are quite few automated phone verification options out there and many are pretty affordable as well. Try googling it.

    Best of luck!
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    Try Traffic Cleaner I was using a MySQL DB but I am using this as long as it is free. It is simple to use with Page redirects from different countries
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    possible solutions

    i think you can contact your internet sevice provider for that

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    Check the Ip address for the country. Block them out, don't let them even access to your page. I think you can block certain country peope from visiting your site.

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    Originally posted by rhenderson
    Try Traffic Cleaner
    Does anybody else have a good experience with Traffic Cleaner? I don't really want to be their beta tester. Do they offer a stable version of their product?

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