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    Sprintlink problems?

    I am seeing major latency and connection issues with anything going to or from sprintlink, I can't even load right now, or anything on, as it hits sprintlink and has 100% packetloss.

    Anything going sprintlink to here seems to have large packetloss and 300-800ms ping times at the miami sprintlink router:

    Also Verizon has large latency and packetloss between their dallas area routers with an average of over 200ms and spikes to 900ms from just a few miles out of Dallas on a DSL connection:

    I can now get to but have over 400ms average ping time on the sprintlink routes.
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    We've had the same issue with most of Sprintlink's northern California routers as well, it was a problem for us back when we were single homed to Sprint and some of our california clients have problems accessing their servers, not anymore though.

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