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    YASQ: Basic but Quality Switch Recommendation Please

    Yet Another Switch Question...

    I need a switch for the following situation:

    - less than 24 ports needed, maybe less than 12.

    - VLAN's, other advanced features not needed at this time. I just need the packets to be pushed through.

    - ssh access and snmp would be nice.

    - quality, not netgear or some non-enterprise level product. I prefer Cisco.

    - i'm looking to keep the cost down as much as possible but not cut corners. This is for remote colo so I don't want to take risks.

    - in about a year I will get a pair of 3550's or 2950's + router and would like to be able to still have a use for this switch in my network.

    - uplink will be fast ethernet.

    - I will buy 2, for cold failover.

    Based on reading old threads it seems like I should get a 2950 or 2924 but i have no clue which one to get.

    thanks for your help!
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    We use a lot of 2924s. They are a good switch and you should be able to use them for a long time.
    The deal at the moment seams to be Extreme Networks Summit24s though. We have just purchased a lot of them at a very reasonable price. They have a TON of functionality too. Something that would make a good network core device for a while. By the testing I have done so far I woul feel pretty good putting a few gigabits/sec through them. They have a GBIC port so there is some flexability. They also offer layer3 ability. (Limited to RIP or static routes unless you buy a $1400 license.) There seams to be a lot on ebay for a few hundred each at the moment.
    We have hammered on extreme networks equiptment pretty hard for a few years now.. It has been holding up very good. I have a couple of BlackDiamnd 6808s that I absolutly SWEAR by. very sweet units. I hav dreams about the BlackDiamond 8810.
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    i would recommend the 2950s

    we run a number of pairs to high availability and they're great, also not too expensive!

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    I would go with the 2950 if you're buying used. They are solid and do everything you need to do.

    But if you are planning to do Layer3 on it, you should consider the 2948L3 or the 3550s, though they are much more expensive.

    PM me if you are looking for 2924, we're offloading them.

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