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    Completely new at web things...

    But I've been looking around for the better part of today for hosting, and I've come across webquarry, which appears to be legit/reliable from what I've read on the forums. Still, I wanted to know if anybody else had opinions? Also, using PHP is a lot like using the web-editing tool on websites such as, correct? I looked at the demo on the website, so it seems so. All help and advice is appreciated.

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    Alot of pre-written scripts are avalible that use PHP (like invision board or phpbb) however this is not a limit to PHP itself.

    Most webhosts allow the use of php however i would recommend contacting the support department of the host you are interested in to make sure they can meet your requirements.

    Good luck!
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    What are you looking to start? Invisionfree host's Invisionboards for free but the script itself is no longer free. Are you looking to just start a forum? If so invision free probably isnt a bad choice, just have to deal with the ads, and maybe get a domain name to redirect to the URL.

    PHP is used & required for many popular scripts and it is widely used for many different tasks / purposes from blogs to forums and ofcourse much more.

    First let us know what exactly you're wanting to create in your website, is it for forums only? Or are you interested in creating other things such as personal blog, using [email protected] and more?

    The more details you provide, the better advice we can give you, Cheers
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    Welcome to the forum!
    THis might be a good host - checking for feedback like you did is an excellent way of getting a feel for a host company.
    Good Luck!
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