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    Looking for a part time / permenet job!


    My name is zubair, i am currently residing in pakistan,
    i have lived in the united states for more then 14 years
    i suddenly have to come here for family problems,
    we have been in lots of problem since coming here i regret the
    time i came here, but am not able to do anything about it.
    In my house hold i am the current one only person to make
    an housing income, i usually work for small jobs done given by people. I am poor and needy person, honest, and trustable.
    I have tried finding jobs here in Pak, but what they say to me is
    (Give us some cash like $1000 or $2000) and we'll get you up.
    i would've even given that to them if i had that type of money.

    I am looking for a job, and would probably do anything.
    I am very Skilled and have great passion for work.

    Some details about me :
    I have experince with the following programming lanaguges.
    HTML -> PHP - > MySQL - > CSS-> Javascript

    I have experince with the following designing soft.
    Flash -> Adobe Photoshop.

    I have experince working with web host companies i have
    a A++ Certification certificate, I have experince with networking.

    I have experince adminstrating servers.
    I have previosly worked with other host companies.
    I can also work as a -> Technical Support, Customer Support,
    Sales Support. Website management.

    I am practically willing to take any job.
    I really need some job, i would appreciate if anyone could help.

    if you can help out you can also chat with me on my msn id.
    Msn Email : Zubair11 [at]

    Thank you

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    Give it some time


    hi, i suggest you hit the local papers and give it some times. Also consider Lahore, Islamabad in your search. I am sure things will happen. Good things.

    Try some of the call centers in the city as well

    YIM: asifbiz skype: cubexsystems1

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    Supportadmin is right Zubair, you can look for some call centres in Lahore or Islamabad, also subscribe to the job listing websites, i will pm you those.

    Good Luck

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    thanks supportadmin and ferhanz for the tips
    tho i have tried those job listings and have had no luck there
    and also i read the news paper for adverts every day but don't find anything related to my topic, there are jobs type of some thing i can do but those jobs need me to be in other places.

    i would really appreicate if some one could help out.

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