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    Lyric DB and Restaurant DB with scripts too

    I have a lyrics DB I can sell for $40 a pop. It's a 65mb tar with a 240mb mysql file.

    167,077 records and all crawled by me and my server :-)

    here is structure

    CREATE TABLE submit (
      id int(5) NOT NULL auto_increment,
      artist varchar(255) NOT NULL default '',
      title varchar(255) NOT NULL default '',
      album varchar(255) NOT NULL default '',
      lyrics text NOT NULL,
      comments text NOT NULL,
      PRIMARY KEY  (id)
    ) TYPE=MyISAM;
    Here is a sample record.

    INSERT INTO lyrics VALUES (167121,'Can\'t Go For That (remix)','Tamia','A Nu Day','<P>Feat/missy elliott, snoop doggy dogg, warren g, nate dogg<br>
    \n[snoop] (missy)<br>
    \nWhat\'s happenin\' baby? (what\'s up snoop?)<br>
    \nOver there lookin\' all good (heh, yeah)<br>
    \nOh, you don\'t like gangsta\'s? (i mean)<br>
    \nBut you ain\'t even heard what i have to say<br>
    \nI, i just look like this (yeah right)<br>
    \nNo, nah, hear me out (yeah)<br>
    \nOn the real (oh)<br>
    \nCheck this out (uh, do it, uh)<br>
    \nBaby, you finer than a muth...<br>
    \nI don\'t play basketball or do the fashion mall<br>
    \nThey call me doggy dogg, the realest of \'em all<br>
    \nYou got problems? then holla at the big dogg<br>
    \nI come get ya bone, play dumb for you<br>
    \nI got a little somethin\' to do<br>
    \nThen i got a little somethin\' for you<br>
    \nJust don\'t play no games with me baby<br>
    \nCuz i could get you what you need<br>
    \nIf you just let a gangsta proceed<br>
    \nSpank you, drink you up under the table<br>
    \nAnd at the end of the night, i let you run my doghouse<br>
    \nKink, erotic, exotic, whatever<br>
    \nYou want it? i got it<br>
    \nYou can get it forever<br>
    \nDpg, see, that\'s my set<br>
    \nIf you get with me, i\'ll give you somethin\' that you\'ll never forget<br>
    \n1 - [tamia, missy]<br>
    \nI can\'t go for that, no no, no can do<br>
    \nI can\'t go for that, no no, no can do<br>
    \nI can\'t go for that, no no, no can do<br>
    \nI can\'t go for that, can\'t go for that<br>
    \nCan\'t go for that<br>
    \n[warren g]<br>
    \nYou said it\'s on, babygirl, i could tell in your voice<br>
    \nI want it all, breasts and thighs, plus a short mini-skirt<br>
    \nMake it work, so i can see you jiggle<br>
    \nAnd play dot to dot, let me put it in the middle<br>
    \nMake you wiggle like a worm when this ball is dropped<br>
    \nNo viagra needed, cuz you know i stay weeded<br>
    \nLike a champion soldier, uh<br>
    \nAnd it ain\'t no fun if i can\'t hold ya<br>
    \nYou can\'t go for that? you better go for this<br>
    \nMe and you on a ship sippin\' crys<br>
    \nReminisce babygirl, it\'s a thug world<br>
    \nI\'m a bad boy lookin\' for a bad girl<br>
    \nLike you, let me beat it, you don\'t need it<br>
    \n2-1-3\'d out, warren g\'d out<br>
    \nL-b-c\'d out, what?<br>
    \nSo i could meet wit you<br>
    \nOr you could meet at my house<br>
    \nRepeat 1<br>
    \nNate dogg<br>
    \n[nate dogg]<br>
    \nGirl, me, i got a bad attitude<br>
    \nOh oh, tell me what am i supposed to do (tell me)<br>
    \nI only wanna get next to you, next to you<br>
    \nNot like them other fools, that used to ball wit you<br>
    \nI wanna groove wit you, like ron isley do (woo)<br>
    \nWe need to find us a place to play (place to play)<br>
    \nFix a time, and just get away<br>
    \nLet\'s just go with tamia, yeah (oh yeah)<br>
    \nAin\'t no runnin\' errands today<br>
    \nDon\'t need no money, you\'re straight<br>
    \nThrow all your cares away<br>
    \nSip with gangsta nate<br>
    \nRepeat 1<br>
    \nRepeat 1<br>
    \n[missy] (tamia)<br>
    \nUh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh (yeah yeah)<br>
    \nUh, uh, uh, uh (i can\'t go for that)<br>
    \nSay what?<br>
    \nDo it, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh<br>
    \nUh, uh, uh, uh, out<br>
    This should be very easy to use for anyone. I also have a front end I can add to it for another $25.

    Well I have a demo of the lyrics script pretty much ready to go.



    I will offer a couple kick butt deals.

    Lyrics Database $40
    Restaurant Database $50
    Lyrics Script single site license $25

    Combo Deals
    All 3 for $100 (Lyrics script is single site license)
    Both databases for $75
    Lyrics Script with Database $65 (single site license)

    Feel free to ask me any questions.

    I will also consider trades for single word noun .info domains.

    Here is the restaurant info:

    Here is the table structure.
    # Table structure for table `tblcrosscategories`
    CREATE TABLE tblcrosscategories (
      RestaurantLocationID int(11) default NULL,
      CategoryID int(11) default NULL
    ) TYPE=MyISAM;
    # --------------------------------------------------------
    # Table structure for table `tblrestaurantcategories`
    CREATE TABLE tblrestaurantcategories (
      RestaurantCategoryID int(11) default NULL,
      Category varchar(35) default NULL,
      category_id int(11) default NULL
    ) TYPE=MyISAM;
    # --------------------------------------------------------
    # Table structure for table `tblrestaurants`
    CREATE TABLE tblrestaurants (
      RestaurantID int(11) default NULL,
      RestaurantLocationID int(11) default NULL,
      Name varchar(75) default NULL,
      Address1 varchar(30) default NULL,
      Address2 varchar(20) default NULL,
      City varchar(30) default NULL,
      State char(2) default NULL,
      Zip varchar(5) default NULL,
      PhoneMain varchar(10) default NULL,
      PhoneToll varchar(10) default NULL,
      Phone varchar(10) default NULL,
      Fax varchar(10) default NULL,
      Fax2 varchar(10) default NULL,
      URL varchar(60) default NULL,
      Email varchar(40) default NULL
    ) TYPE=MyISAM;
    There are 291,123 restaurants listed.

    They are categorized too. This DB is all over the USA. It's an outstanding database and it's mine. I made it ...I did not purchase it. I am the only guy with this particular DB.

    Here is an sample of the database. As you can see it's pretty much all over the place and with almost 300,000 records this is going to be a complete site with just a few dynamic sql query pages. Imagine with this DB and about 3 php pages you could have a site with 300,000 dynamic pages!

    $50 is my asking price for a copy of it. I will also consider trades for video game names or single word .info and .us names. I have not setup a script for this buy any decent coder can do this. I may in the future make a script but I am very busy lately.

    I also have an already built and functioning search script for the restaurant DB. This will make it 10x easier to begin a website. I charge only an addiotional $10 for the restaurant search. We spent 6 hours building the search so for $10 you can save a lot of time and effort. Anyone buying the $100 package can also get the restaurant search script for FREE.

    PM me and feel free to ask questions
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    How much for

    How much for a COPY of including script license, and database?

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    I am interested...but do you provide updates?

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    Currently I do not offer any updates to the database.

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