Do you use the Alexa Toolbar. I find it useful to see a sites traffic gauge and see related links.

However, if you have the Alexa Toolbar installed, you will notice most if not all anti-spyware tools will consider it spyware.

Personally I think it's safe. The purpose of the bar is to send info. to Alexa on the sites you visit and that's how it works.

I don' t think anyone at Alexa is personally watching what sites users visit and it's not like Alexa is self-installed using a backdoor. It's totally opt-in and as an Amazon company I consider it safe.

But since I have the Google Toolbar installed as well, when I open multiple windows (tabs) in IE6 and IE7b, I've noticed the memory usage will go to over 200,000+. Also at times the Alexa Toolbar or Google Toolbar will just disappear with a large white space. So I've been wondering if I should uninstall it even though I've been using it for years.

What do you think about the Alexa Toolbar? I'm aware traffic stats are not entirely accurate but overall it is close.