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    Brinkster - best support in the world

    I believe that has by far the best support for shared web hosting in the world. Their live Support is amazing.

    And to be honest, not only is their Support among the best in the world - their website is possibly the cleanest and nicest looking Web Hosting sites on the web.

    No, I don't work at Brinskter - and actually I don't even host with them anymore. But they are highly recommended for anyone new to web hosting.

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    Can you let us know more about yourself; like what is the name of the domain that you have with them, which package etc ..

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    Glad to hear you had a great experience with Brinskter, they do have a very nice & simple website

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    No, I don't work at Brinskter - and actually I don't even host with them anymore
    May I ask - if this hosting is so ideal - why are you not with them anymore?

    personally I would like to know about your site and your history - how did you come to Brinskter . Did you ave experience with other hosts?

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    Nice to hear some good things about a host, but you need to add some credability to your post. For instance, what is your domain name?
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    Apparently he doesn't even have a domain with them at the moment.
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    I started with Brinkster only to publish a simple portfolio site for my web and graphic design work.

    Since then, my web design client base has grown and I have moved to as they provide more features along with HELM control panel which allows me to resell hosting to my clients.

    The next move I make will be to a managed server or ideally I would like to collaborate with another web developer to share a dedicated server with.

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    iguess it is .. xD

    not helping me though.

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    I agree - They do have a nice and clean web.

    BTW What is your Domain name? Just curious to know

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    their site is clean and quite professional, indeed. it comes with cheesy photographs of people too! sorry, i couldn't resist.

    but i'm happy to hear that you think they are good.
    how do you like resellerguru, since that's who you're with now.
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