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    99.9% Uptime guarantee on WHM/cPanel resellers - Lose the downtime at Blurstorm

    Many reseller hosts offer competitive plans and pricing but many follow much downtime and that means less profit for you and more issues on your business name and the trust of your customers.

    Blurstorm is different from some of the lesser expensive hosts. We offer Affordable Plans, Dependable Uptime, and Fast Servers.

    Our server configuration consists of the following:
    • Pentium IV 3.0 Ghz with Hyper-threading
    • 1024 MB RAM
    • 120 GB HDD for your data
    • 120 GB 2nd HDD for your daily backup
    • WHM/cPanel with unlimited domain hosting
    • Fantastico to easily install applications
    • RVskin to use multi language and a nice look and feel
    • Fast customer support via trouble ticket system, email, or instant messenger
    • Less then 20 resellers per server
    • Constant server monitoring for load and potential abusers

    For a limited time and only for the WHT community we have changed our plans to fit your needs:

    The Flurry
    • 6 GB Disk Storage
    • 60 GB Premium Bandwidth
    • Unlimited domain hosting
    • Only $14.95 per month

    The Hail
    • 12 GB Disk Storage
    • 120 GB Premium Bandwidth
    • Unlimited domain hosting
    • 3 Dedicated IP's
    • Only $24.95 per month

    The Blizzard
    • 24 GB Disk Storage
    • 150 GB Premium Bandwidth
    • Unlimited domain hosting
    • 5 Dedicated IP's
    • Only $49.95 per month

    Our servers are hosted at the award winning datacenter, and offers premium bandwidth, redundant power backup, redundant network and a lot more! You can not go wrong with Blurstorm.

    To place your order please visit: Blurstorm Ordering Center

    In the comments field, simply enter WHT and the offering of this add will be applied to your account. All accounts are setup within 24 hours. In addition, we offer a 100% money back guarantee in the event you are not satisfied with the service for any reason.
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    My name is William "Eli" Cloud. I am the owner of Blurstorm. I built it from the ground up and now we have brought Robert Saylor on board our ship to set sail and rescue those in need of a quality provider.

    We also redid the main site to include resellers. I hope you like it. Please understand that we started as a host provider and we know what makes a company work. We intend on providing the same service and support to our customers that they deserve. We have been in business going on 4 years now and the core of the company IS the customers that grow from within and the support that make it all possible.

    Welcome to Peace of Mind.

    Main Site:

    "From the beginning stages of design to the customer service and support, Blurstorm listened to our needs, responded with speed and professionalism far beyond our expectations and continues to deliver an excellent service at a more than competitive and fair price"

    Christian Obermayr, Viking Diamond
    "I appreciate the conscious effort put in to responding quickly and accurately to issues I have seen, and concerns I have had, and the professional manner in which we reached solutions to my problems."

    Mike White, IO-Hazard &
    Vision Database Inc.
    "Blurstorm implements a modern artistic approach to web design. Their innovative practices present an amazing display of color and usability."

    Allen Paschel, Flingerfilms
    "Blurstorm has the vision needed to keep your business on the cutting edge. I have also been impressed with the personal service and dedication to the customer."

    Scott Kelly, VendaMall
    "The range and granularity of the services and controls provided by Blurstorm is impressive. "

    Shep Schaefer, Consultant
    "The artwork that Blurstorm does for us is top-notch! It has always brought out the true colors in a website."

    Ralph Gantt II, GDE

    If you would like a test download link please pm us any time. We look forward to your replies.
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