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    nameserver change domain

    Hi everyone..

    I am trying to move hosting for a client. They are currently registered and hosted by IOMART, but unhappy with their customer service. I logged into the control panel to try and change the nameserver to the new host nameserver details and found it says details cannot be found. When I send queries to Iomart I am told I have to transfer the domain - which I understand includes the registration.

    As the domain has a year to run on its registration we only want to move the hosting for now - but they don't seem able/willing to do it. Is there any technical reason why it would not be possible? Oh and plus they want to charge 50 and ask for an IPS TAG which Go Daddy dont have.. so it would have to be done by paper request etc etc

    I was just going to initiate a transfer from Go Daddy, but I think they dont offer this service for domains

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    Try as somewhere to transfer the domain

    All domains are administered by so you can read up on the transfer regulations there.

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    FINALLY got a result today. After sending IOMART Customer Support a copy of their own help files which clearly states changing nameservers should be possible.

    Cant decide if they were just trying it on cos they knew they were losing hosting - so wanted to make a quick 50 for transfer, or if they just didnt bother reading what I was asking and presumed alot

    Id like to get the registration done through Go Daddy so its all at the one place, if possible. I think Go Daddy cannot initiate transfers for domains.. so maybe spend some time researching how we can legally transfer registration from IOMART to Go Daddy without that huge fee.

    Thanks for the link, I'll definitely go read up some more.

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