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    Arrow Windows Web Hosting Business For Sale

    We are migrating back out of the public web hosting industry. We have prided ourselves on the level of service that we've provided our clients and hope to find a host for our clients that will continue our level of commitment.

    All of our public hosting accounts are on a single, leased server in the US. I am hoping that the buyer will take over the server lease to impact the clients as little as possible. I will personally pay the transfer fee.

    Brief breakdown of current clients:

    Shared Period Price Accounts Monthly Annually

    500MB/10GB Monthly $4.95 28 $138.60 $1,663.20
    2GB/40GB Monthly $19.95 3 $59.85 $718.20
    5GB/100GB Monthly $49.95 1 $49.95 $599.40
    200MB/10GB Monthly $10.95 1 $10.95 $131.40
    100MB/2GB Annual $11.95 3 $0.00 $35.85

    Monthly Income from Shared Accounts: $259.35
    Yearly Income from Shared Accounts: $3,148.05

    Reseller Period Price Acounts Monthly Annually

    1GB/25GB Monthly $19.95 7 $139.65 $1,675.80
    1GB/25GB Monthly $24.95 1 $24.95 $299.40
    1GB/25GB Monthly $9.98 1 $9.98 $119.76

    Monthly Income from Reseller Accounts: $174.58
    Yearly Income from Reseller Accounts: $2,094.96

    Total Gross Income: $433.93/Month $5,243.01/Year
    Server Cost: $180.00/Month $2,160.00/Year
    Total Net Income: $253.93/Month $3,083.01/Year

    All but 3 clients are on monthly accounts. Client payment is approximately 60/40 Credit Card/PayPal.

    Included in the sale:
    Server (lease)
    Leased HELM Server License
    Owned HELM Extensions Pro License
    Owned FTP Server License
    Owned Mail Server License
    Owned Folder Security License
    Primary Domain Name (with SSL)
    Complete, Custom Site
    Privately registered, Anonymous Name Server domain
    3 character Generic domain with SSL (for shared SSL and temporary URL)

    I have tried to be as detailed as possible without divulging the actual company. If we do not find a suitable buyer we will not sell.

    Please PM or email me at [email protected] with questions, bids and for details. On first contact, please provide us with either your company name or experience supporting Windows hosting accounts. NOTE: By requesting more information you are agreeing that the information is not to be shared or transfered to any other party. The information is for the determination of sale only. You are agreeing that you will not post the information provided in full or in part within this or any other forum.

    We reserve the right to choose the most appropriate buyer regardless of offer. Preference will be given to offers that will retain the clients on the existing server.

    While all offers will be considered, we will probably not sell for less than $3,000.

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    as these are mostly annual accounts can please post a breakdown of renewal schedules


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    Originally posted by contractdata
    as these are mostly annual accounts can please post a breakdown of renewal schedules

    There are only THREE annual accounts. Almost every account is monthly.

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    What's is the current bid?

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    Information has been requested but I have received no formal offers for the company yet.

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    What are the specs for the server and what time frame do you have for ending this auction? I am interested; please send a NDA with fax number to dwilliams @ or fax it to 423-317-9626

    Best Wishes for a .Net Success!
    Darrell Williams, CEO
    WebWeavers Internet Services

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    Specs and NDA emailed.

    Thank you.

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    Info emailed.

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    I have accepted an offer for the company. Thank you all.

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