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    Any rewies for EuroVPS Hosting

    I just find the follow site Any one has experience with this company. I would like to know if itís a trustful company and their services are good.

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    I have privately used the services provided by EuroVPS for my own private websites.

    Their servers are extremely powerful if not more powerful than many other Providers on the market. I have used many different configurations and they all work flawlessly.

    I have tried both their VPS solutions and their Hosting solutions, which is where i host my main personal email, i have a single Plesk Account where i manage that, and i haven't had a single issue with it yet.

    Recently i delved into Plesk & CPanel VPSs with them after a few months break from the service and i'm still happy as i was before.

    Support is great and so is Vasili, the CEO.

    They truely put lots of hardwork into the company to make sure everything's working flawlessly.

    And a big congratulations to the Support Staff who deliver speedy responses to all the Support Enquiries i've made in the past months since i first signed up.

    Overall i would definately recommend EuroVPS if your looking for a European Hosting solution because of the latency to many countries in the EU.

    For example i get roughly 25-30ms to EuroVPS from the UK, which is pretty good for game servers which i've also hosted with them for a CS Clan i run.

    I'm sure there are many more members to back up my testimonial of the services with them.

    Wish you look on your hunt for european hosting & hope in some way my testimonial points you to EuroVPS for your needs.


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    Two months ago while searching for european VPS on WHT I couldn't help but noticing eurovps.

    I decided to give them a shot and I have not regretted it. The low latency for European sites and their extremely powerful servers really set them apart from the US competitors.
    And to top it off their support is simply fabulous!

    Personally I would definately recommend them!



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    Have been with EuroVPS with a Windows VPS/Plesk for about 3 months now and they are a revelation compared to other hosts I've used in the USA and the UK - as already mentioned, the hardware configurations are very powerful which produces great performance and they are very ready to dive in and help as necessary - there have been problems, but none can be attributed to EuroVPS - a recent SWsoft patch managed to break Plesk and even SWsofts engineers couldn't solve it which resulted in some downtime, but Vasili worked to re-provision a new server over a weekend, even calling to let me know when it was done - no clueless helpdesk wanabees here.

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    I have been using EuroVPS for the last 10 to 12 weeks. When I first ordered a vps I went with a Plesk VPS. After 3 weeks I needed another vps so I went with a Cpanel VPS. From the time that i ordered to the time i had the welcome e-mail it was about 3 hours. Now I have had issues with Cpanel. But it's no way related to EuroVPS. It's just bugs. EuroVPS always responds to my tickets within 5 mins of submitting one during business hours and 30 mins on weekends. The hardware is the best that i have seen. All in all I have 6 vps's with EuroVPS and all of them have had 100% uptime. Vasili, Igor, Erik, Jeff, Gerit, And The other Support Staff rock.

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    People need to start switching from American VPS providers to EuroVPS. I had years of headaches for hosting and constant problems.

    I run a high traffic website and just to show you how powerful their servers are, i'll tell you what happened to us.

    We use a ton of resources with the site and it is an adult website. We had one of those annoying hackers that just refused to go away. He was DoS'ing us all day but it was difficult for any users to actually notice a difference. I didn't even notice it until i saw how many request apache was processing and was like holy ****. It was somewhere near 5k. Please go find another host that can even get their servers to stay up during a serious DoS attack let alone have the damn website run perfectly.

    Igor and Vasili are two of the best guys i've ever met. They are never too busy to help and are always around if you need anything. When have you ever had a host just email you or IM you and see how things were going with the site and if you needed anything?

    EuroVPS is outstanding and more people NEED to switch to them. Pay the extra couple of bucks. Heck, it's worth it just for their 3 dedicated servers just for backups. Your host may tell you they have backups of your site but what happens if your system totally crashes? Your info is permanently gone. With euroVPS it is stored on a completely seperated server only for backups. What an incredible group of people to work with.

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