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    * Hosting biz for sale! 37 clients!

    I have 37 paying clients that bring in $128 a month. Thats $1,538 over 12 months. I'm looking to sell them for $1,000 thats 8 months revenue. I'm not looking to sell on a payment plan. domain and site is included.

    Clients are on cPanel/WHM+Fantastico


    Clients combined use 2.4 gigs of space and roughly 30-40 gigs of bandwidth a month.

    I've had these clients for months, alot over 6-8 months. I'm selling because I no longer have the time, nor do I want to mess with it anymore. These clients are on a VPS from which is $43.00 a month. But if you have your own server, you can just simply transfer them over. Clients dont need much tech help, most know what their doing. Only 6-8 support tickets a month. Heres the screenshots..

    Client breakdown.

    Aluminum clients-25 at $1.50 a month. ($37.50 a month)
    Copper Clients-5 at $2.99 a month ($14.95 a month)
    Silver Clients-5 at $4.99 a month. ($24.95 a month)
    Platinum Clients-1 at $11.99 a month. ($11.99 a month)
    Reseller Clients- 3, two of them pay $11.95 a month, the other pays $14.95 a month. ($38.85 a month)

    Dont PM me. You can email me at UserNamesSuuck[@] or chat with me on AIM-UserNamesSuuck

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    the price of the breakdown is very very low.

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    Maybe you should blur your clients names?
    "It's hard to dance if you just lost your wallet. Whoa! Where's my wallet? But, hey this song is funky." - Mitch Hedberg

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    Originally posted by funkytaco
    Maybe you should blur your clients names?
    LOL, it's the little things that mean so much.
    HOSTING your livelihood

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    So, $1000 is your BIN price? and, is this still available?

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    Re: Hosting biz for sale! 37 clients!

    wow, not worth the pennies... cheap clients = bad

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    Well... $1.50 for 100mb space doesnt seem that cheap to me considering hosts that are selling 1GB for less than 5$. Looks pretty decent. By looking at the price of this host it looks like it is pretty well calculated. Prices seems low at first but if you calculate them well you'll see theres a chance to make some profits without overselling with that.

    Anyway that was my 2 cents. Please just look further before making comments about something not worth it.. btw they have been acquired by velohost ... I guess they must have some kind of potential for that.

    Nice stuff. Shouldve been faster on that one

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