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    Talking 24/7/365 Unlimited Support Tickets For Your Clients

    24/7/365 Unlimited Support Tickets For Your Clients

    Touch Support
    Would like to offer special pricing
    On our

    Per Domain Plan:

    The Per Domain support solution is fully branded and available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. There is no ticket limit or minimum. These support ticket services encompass Level 1 support (defined as no server login required) and Level 2 support (server login required, technician-level services performed). This support option is for Cpanel and Plesk, on Linux systems. All that is required is for support to be purchased for all domains on a server. Add-on and sub-domains are not counted. There is no additional monthly support subscription fee, or other monthly minimum to be met.

    Now through October 18, 2005 ONLY

    Unlimited Support Tickets for up to 75 domains
    Regularly $59.95 per month.
    50% off for the first 30 days
    Coupon Code: TSGPD

    Additional domain coverage is regular price, 79 cents each for regular domains and 45 cents each for re-sold domains, sold in blocks of 25.
    For additional information:
    Or order on line at:
    Questions? [email protected]

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    So for $60.00 / month I can have unlimited tickets fo rupto 75 domain names?? How does this work.. Do I have to purchase a ticket package as well??

    Also, whats the average trouble ticket wait?

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    You do not have to purchase an additional ticket package. The Per Domain plan is a ticket package. Unlimited ticket support for up to 75 domains, for $59.95/month. And the first 30 days is 50% off, until October 18th.

    If you have more than 75 domains then you must purchase additional coverage for those additonal domains. Those are at regular price, 79 cents each for regular domains, and 45 cents for re-sold domains, purchased in blocks of 25. Add-ons and sub-domains are not counted.

    Per our SLA, under normal circumstances, tickets will be addressed in no more than 45 minutes, 24/7/365.

    Please let me know if I may answer any further questions.

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    What's the difference between a regular domain and a re-sold one?
    Rob G.
    ShopManager - Sales & Repair Business Management Software

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    You keep track of the domains that request support and when the 75 are reach we are required top purchase another 25 or "x" package?


    If we host 100 domains we must pre-purchase a 100 domain package from you?

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    Originally posted by GradyR
    I will try to reply to you tomorrow when you are online.
    There is no requirement in what you must do.
    Only in what you want to do.
    I'm sorry but this kinda lost me within the first few words. I'm always online and I really didn't grasp the reply. Please just throw it on the line with the facts OR if a phone call to discuss my situation might be better please let me know.

    If I host 5000 domains but only 200 seek support do pay the 200 domains or the 5000. 90% of my clients seeks no support.

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