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    49pence no support

    servers offline 4 days no fix 49 pence. no ansers email. no 24s hour.
    bad hdd 17gb for 80gb.
    49pence no suport.
    ed bad, 49 pence please hurry fix servers.

    and my second server need upgrade but 49pence no support

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    Mind you, considering how the original complaint is written, I'm not sure what the problem is. What is 49pence suposed to do with that?

    If you have a legitimate complaint, feel free to tell us, but explain in more detailed terms. Also, this forum is not 49pence's support forum, asking them to fix anything here will most likely not have any effect.

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    They have problems with there support ticket system at the current minute. Simple way to sort your problem is give them a ring...
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