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    Thumbs up [Wanted] vBulletin Style Coder(s)

    I'm looking for somebody who can code vBulletin styles.

    Short term I'm looking for somebody who can assist with converting some vB 3.0.x styles to vB 3.5.x Gold. There are aproximately 3-5 styles to be converted. My usual coder is back at colllege and his schedule is limited so I'll be converting some styles over and am looking for somebody to work on the rest.

    Deliverables: The coder will be provided with the vB 3.0.x package of the style and will deliver the vB 3.5.x Gold XML files. The converted style will able to use all of the new vB 3.5 features such as inline moderation, inthread editing, etcetera. Styles must pass the W3C XHTML Transitional validation and the W3C CSS validation checks.

    Depending upon the experience (did the person deliver on time, was everything coded correctly, did it pass validation, etc.) there may then be additional projects in the future ranging from small projects such as these conversions to total coding starting from the original PSD.

    If you're interested please send an email 'kevin at' (for some reason my PMs here at WHT doesn't always work). Include your estimated timeline for a style conversion, rate, and dates of availability. If you're interested in being considered for future projects on a larger scale then also include links to either your portfolio or sites that you've previously coded.



    PS: At this time I'm not looking for any designers, just coders. If you can do PhotoShop work, then great because I might have some small jobs for you in that area also but for now it's just coders that I'm looking for.

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    He sticks with his word so no worries there. Best of luck on finding someone Kevin!

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    Originally posted by Fluous
    He sticks with his word so no worries there. Best of luck on finding someone Kevin!
    I can also vouch for Kevin.

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