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    Web Stats Software Company For Sale


    Age of site (months): 3.5

    Monthly revenue: $433

    Revenue details:
    The site was registered on June 20th 2005.

    The first sale was on July 27th 2005

    We had 8 sales in August when we ran our google adwords

    We had 4 Sales in September when we ran the adwords for hald the month.

    We quit doing adwords around September 20th and have had two sales since.

    The adwords cost us about $200 total for the run from August - Late September, so there as a good profit.

    Monthly page views: 1000

    Traffic details:
    383 Hits
    501 Page Views (w. reloads included)
    97 Unique Visitors

    We started the site back in May. We had great sucess signing up hndreds of members. Some members asked if they could have the script for themselves, so we created

    Right after I started the site I got really busy and tried to sell it on here. At that time it did not have any revenue so the bids were really low. So I did some advertising to see what would happen if we sent some traffic to the site and it did well.

    We are in the process of creating a version that will do the logs files of IIS web server and that will be included in the sale. An Apache version can be done as well, but we would have to add to the price if you are interested in that.

    So you are basically buying the code as is which allows a user to start a stats service where people can register and insert code into their site to have their sites stats tracked. You will also get the version that will allow you to install it on a web server and track the stats for all the sites on that server. This is a great value, and this software will make someone a lot of money. I just have way too many things going on to do this as well.

    If you are also interested we can discuss, which uses the same code and has over 500 users using it, and thousands of backlinks on MSN and Yahoo and a Google PR of 5

    Price (or starting bid): 7500

    Is an auction?: Yes

    Indexed pages (Google): 7

    Indexed pages (Yahoo): 1

    Google page rank: 0

    Alexa site rank: 276,941
    Alvin Slocombe
    E-Insites - "Web services, simplified."

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    Hi jong85,

    Do you mean the price we are selling the site and code for? If so that price is $7500

    If you mean the price the code sells for on the site it's $79.95. See

    Let me know if you have any other questions.
    Alvin Slocombe
    E-Insites - "Web services, simplified."

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    By the 'code', do you mean the entire script of, template and all?

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