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    ResellerZoom signups

    Hi , i am currently filling out an order with resellerzoom based on the feedback here and i intend to host a personal site for a couple of friends.

    But when i am filling out the order , they ask me for a nameserver? It's an add-on , what is that? Do i leave it empty? Then it asks for it again at the CC page , i figure i better make sure what it is before signing up.

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    It could be they are asking if you want custom nameservers, and if so what you want them to be. You are better to ask there sales stuff though to be sure.
    Greg Lubbelinkhof

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    Right. If you have custom nameserver you can input it there.

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    Thanks for the replies , everything's done , should be getting my account soon

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    Be sure to post a review on them in a few months

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