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Crucial Servers LLC makes full use of redundancy, to ensure that there is no single point of failure in our connectivity to the Internet. We utilize multiple links to the Internet, which currently consists of multiple Gigabit Ethernet fiber backbones into a range of Tier 1 and 2 networks. Our transit providers include MCI, Level3, Cogent (Only at Boston location), G4 and Global Naps. This level of connectivity ensures that a high level of reliability and redundancy is maintained.

Our Dedicated Servers are only available on MCI and Global Naps BGP in our MHT location. The primary carrier will be MCI.

Why Crucial?

- Dual Power Grids
- Main IX for New Hampshire Telco Hotel Building
- Fully Managed (if needed)
- Great Network Uptime and Realistic Server Uptime
- 99.99% uptime guarantee
- MCI + Global Naps Transit
- FREE /64 CIDR (IPV6)
- Great Technical Staff

Server 1
AMD Athlon 1.3Ghz
40GB HDD (Western Digital IDE 7200 RPM)
5 Internet Addresses (Additional at $0.50 per IP)
100GB per Month Transfer
2U Chassis

Monthly: $50.00
Setup: $0.00

Colocation Available at MHT

Please contact us directly

Colocation Available at BOS (Internap and 1 Summer)

Please contact us directly

(1 Summer St.)

Check out our Network

Currently our BOS1 location is at FULL Capacity (Cogent) Please look at our MCI location at MHT.

IPV4 Transit Providers

BOS1 Cogent Co
MHT MCI + Global Naps

IPV6 Transit Provider

BOS1 Occaid /48
MHT Occaid /48

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Need some Information, Please Email [email protected]

Will offer trial period for serious clients ask about our specials on Colocation!