WHT Members,

Do you have a Savvis circuit? Do you want a Savvis circuit? Well, you have come to the right place. For the rest of October, Giglinx will beat any offer for direct Savvis ports and bandwidth from Savvis itself or any direct reseller of Savvis.

-This offer is good for Fast E, GIG E, OC-3, and OC-12 Ports only
-Customer must have proof of current or quoted pricing
-Giglinx will be the sole judge to determine and verify if the customers stated rates are valid and true.
-Competitor prices must be from Savvis or a direct reseller of Savvis. (this may also be confirmed by Savvis)
-Customer can not have a current Savvis circuit with Giglinx or a company affiliated with Giglinx.

Questions? [email protected] www.giglinx.com