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    Hi WebHostingTalk,

    My name is Peter Ferrigan and I was the original owner of I decided to sell the company and post the auction here on WHT. Originally I closed the sale with Sawan and eventually reposted the auction due to a cancellation. was then sold to Richard Pop of 3iDesign (richard3i). I wanted to write and let everyone know that the sale has been a great success for both Richard and I. Reviews are a key component when making a purchasing decision here on WHT which is why I would like to leave a AAA review for Mr. Pop.

    It is not often that you meet someone in this industry with as much honesty, intelligence and business sense. Every step of the transfer was handled with clear communication and the assurance that we were both ready to move forward. I have great respect for Richard and all of his business endeavors.

    Thank you Richard for the smooth sale and easy transfer.

    If you have any questions about myself, Mr. Pop or the results of this sale please do not hesitate to contact me either via PM or email.

    Thank you,
    Peter Ferrigan
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    I would like to thank Peter for the kind review. In regards to the sale of 352hosting, firstly, Peter was always open to contact me via phone, even out of business hours to make sure the sale was progressing to my liking.

    Also, here at WHT member reviews are very important, I agree, and I would like to mention that Peter supplied every thing needed, including unrequired information to make sure that I was comfortable with the sale, there are many honest WHT sellers/buyers and I respect anyone that goes the extra mile in giving information and keeping in contact to reassure the sale. Actually, I was even notified that there were some subscriptions that fell through the cracks and previous week payments were sent for these as well.

    Lastly, I would definately do business again and wish the best for your future plans in the internet industry Pete.


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    Good job guys, but is this the right forum?

    - Tomer
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    Originally posted by Tomer
    Good job guys, but is this the right forum?

    - Tomer
    Hi Tomer,
    I am not sure. I figured an admin would move the topic if it were out of place.

    Thank you,

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