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    Is this... I don't know... I feel lost!

    This is my website:
    Okay, honestly, I haven't really made the design myself so I'm not going to say it's my work. I have copied images, gradients, etc from other websites to blend everything well in one piece. However, I've worked my a** off on making every single page, be it soundtracks, lyrics, trailers and all on frontpage, page after page.
    Look at this website:

    This just pissed me off. The person has copied all the design and content, and I have a feeling He has somehow also downloaded all the files from my server and just purchased a package, and uploaded it there. I mean, EVERYTHING is the same. Had He just copied the design, and worked on the website just as much as I have (2500+ pages all made by me manually) I would have given him props. But seems like, someone's just reaping benefits from my hardwork.

    I don't know how He got all the files, but I'm pretty sure He did get them. This is not his work, THIS IS MY WORK!

    Any help? I'm just... frustrated!

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    First of all, this isn't a technical or security issue.

    People have posted things like this before in Running a Web Hosting Business. You can contact the site owner, by looking up the WHOIS information, you can contact his provider, etc.

    I don't see how you can do much else.
    Michael MacKinnon

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    I don't see how this can't be a security issue...
    I went and checked his source, even the advertising codes on some of his pages displayed are of my site. I hope fastclick doesn't kick me out for that!!
    On a side note, is this possible? I mean, are there programs or anything else as such available to copy full fledge websites?

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    Yes, there are tools that can copy fully fledged websites, but not the server side code. Did you use any templates in your design? Is it possible he could've used the same design?

    Looking at the disclaimer page on both sites, he does look as though he's just done a find and replace on the brand names.

    Good luck with it - It does look like a complete copy.

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