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    Apache feature /page => /page.html

    I have a question about this feature in my apache 1.3:

    If I go to:
    In this case, theres no file or directory called page in the webroot.
    There is however a file called page.html and this is the page that the webserver throws back to the browser.

    I was wondering what this feature/directive is called, I guess it is set up globally in my httpd.conf . Is it possible to override in either .htaccess or in a virtualhost directive?

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    No ideas? Anyone?


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    I bumped into something like this on Apache 2.0 recently.

    I had directories with no content, and the server would silently translate them so that instead of giving a "not found" for , it would show the file that happened to be named

    It was a result of the mod_negotiation module, and was stopped by disabling "MultiViews" using an .htaccess file

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