I want to sell this design asap

it's fully coded and crossbrowser valid

you get:

-2 different organized psds
-2 coded pages
-1 css style sheet

main page: http://www.lab91.com/samples/layouts/hosting2home.jpg
inner page: http://www.lab91.com/samples/layouts...2innerpage.jpg

the menu tabs have a light rollover effect (preloaded)

minor customizations are possible (inserting your logo or changing the char to your company first char, changing the slogan etc)

I will add this design to my portfolio (negotiable rate for me not to add it is around 30USD)

bid start: 30 USD
bid increment: 5 USD
buy now: 100 USD

don't say it's to much cos you know it's quite nothing for this stuff...but I want to sell it fast

sale ends when there are no bids for 12 hours after the first one.

for sale even on talkfreelance

bids are considered on both tf and WHT, who bids first get's the bid approved as first