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    invoices by signed email

    Hello all,
    my 1st post here

    First of all, thanks to all of you sharing your knowledge and experience with others.

    I would like to buy budget reseller plan. I found resellerzoom - it fits my budget and it laso has good response at WHT

    BUT, what surprised me was that they do not send invoices by electronically signed emails. I am not saying anything else about them, just I need signed emails or invoice is legally not good.
    I talked to their online support (which is great) they double checked and said that there is no way of sending signed emails.

    Can you suggest me some company that offers reliable budget reseller plan and which will could send me electronically signed mail with the invoice.


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    I'm not sure of any actual host that would do this - there may be some, but I just don't know of any.

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    This may be possible with a few companies.

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    Are you looking for a web host that emails you a signed email, as in PGP signed? or the ones generated via an accounting software suite that makes invoice, checks, etc. that looks like a store receipt invoice?

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    Yeah, not many hosts sign their invoices, like a actual person. The company usually uses a signiture however. I shouldn't be a problem though really.
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    i think you are looking for a host who send you invoice with manula sign invoice or fax or email


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    what i need is following:
    I want to use that invoice in front of some tax services in my country. In order this invoice to be legal it must be signed in a way that gives way to check its origin (in this example hosting company).

    I am not sure if signing like PGP will do te job, but from what I understood from RS, they even don't do that.

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    Perhaps signup for a year, or quaterly, and I'm sure the host would/could create & mail you a physical invoice.

    Not something I would think most hosts would do on a monthly basis however..
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    who said I need it on a monthly basis
    I signed up for a year

    and, once again, I really don't see why signing one email could create problems of any kind (they already told me that they do send non-signed emails)

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    Shouldn't be a problem at all if you sign up for a year. Just email the host before you signup and ask them.
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    I am not sure how you could 'sign' and email. But if you just need something to show your tax people and it must prove where it came from (hence its authenticity) then just include the email header info when you print it out.
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    And they could say: "This could be done in any Text redaktor"
    and so on and so on

    thanks to all
    I will talk again to the RS

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    Originally posted by robi-bobi
    And they could say: "This could be done in any Text redaktor"
    and so on and so on

    thanks to all
    I will talk again to the RS
    I think before anyone can help you with this, you are going to have to state exactly what you are looking for.

    What exactly does "Signed email" mean to you? If you are getting this requirement from a website, can you provide the source so that we can look for exactly what they are requiring?

    Originally posted by robi-bobi
    And they could say: "This could be done in any Text redaktor"
    And they could easily say any printed invoice you have sent from any company was done by yourself as well.

    Here in the UK, the only requirement I have ever come across is that the invoice must contain details of the company providing the service. (Company name/Address)

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