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    Webhost needed for a forum


    For the past couple of months I've been using as a host for my forum, but as many of you might know, they're experiencing dire problems. My forum is on server 16, which only has a moderate amount of downtime, but other servers, including the one where their support service and e-mails are based, are completely kaputt.

    Following the advice of a friend, I've decided to re-locate before my forum grows too big, which would make it too difficult, since freebb does not allow access to your database. >.<

    What host would you recommend? I only need it for the forum, so I'd expect it to offer the same things as more or less established free forum host providers do (like InvisionFree, ProBoards or that darned FreeBB). Basically, I need the same services they offer (including easy PHPBB administration - I'm not exactly an expert), but with a guarantee that I will not experience too much downtime, for which I'm ready to pay a fee. One that's as small as possible, that's why I'm asking for help.

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    How much storage & bandwidth are you looking for? Is your forum medium sized or very large, how many active users concurrent most the time?

    I'd recommend searching for hosts in the offers forum and do your search as well..
    Good luck!
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    It's the forum of a high school, so you can imagine there's not that much traffic. Basically, I need cheap, small storage & bandwidth hosting. And more importantly, like I said, easy PHPBB administration.

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    Keks, when you say "easy PHPBB administration" do you mean installation?
    The administration of the forum will not really be different from one host to the next.

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    You should look for a host that offers Installatron or Fantastico, since both of those make it easy (1 click) to install the forum software. phpBB is very easy to set up and maintain as well, though I would caution you to make sure you keep up to date with their upgrades since security flaws get exposed in it from time to time.

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    I can also recommed phpBB Discussion board but if you want to get something that most peope define as reliable forum software go for vBulletin. However vBulletin is paid unlike phpBB.

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    Most hosting companies would beable to accommodate your needs, you should try using the host quote feature.
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