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    vbulletin vs ipb in terms of business practices and customer service

    vbulletin vs ipb in terms of business practices and customer service.

    I recently had a very unpleasant experience with one the companies above, and I want to find out what other people's experiences had been with them, not with regards to the software (which many threads have addressed) or even the level of technical support, but in terms of communication, attitude, refund pratices, their community, or other business practices, how they treat you.

    I believe this provides those selecting a forum software with a different angle than just how many features each have.

    Thanks for playing.

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    I have been an Invision Power Services customer since early 2004. I have purchased 2 IPB licenses and an Invision Community Blog license.
    Support isn't bad. They definitely know their stuff, but responses aren't usually within 10 minutes. It would be different if you called them I'm sure, but I live in the UK so it's not feasible.
    Overall I'm pleased with them. The only thing that might worry me is the negative image they've got, but I haven't seen anything to warrant this first-hand.

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