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    AcuNett 24x7 Proactive Management - Free 25GB Backup Space


    FREE 25GB of Backup Space with the purchase of a new account.
    In addition, recieve 5GB of FREE Backup Space after every year of service.

    AcuNett, LLChas been providing Server Management for 4 years. We have tremendous reviews on both WHT and our own forums.

    AcuNett has been managing servers for 4 years now. We manage servers from Rackshack(EV1), Burst/Nocster, Server Matrix, FDC, GNAX, and many more.

    You can find the reviews by searching for AcuNett here in WHT, or visit our own testimonials page:

    We have both a positive and negative review forum so that customers can let us and you know where we have fallen short, and what our strong points are.

    Essential Server Setup - $85
    • SIM - (System Integrity Monitor) - It reboots services that have failed within 5 minutes.
    • SPRI – (System Priority) - Sets priority to current processes being run on your server, decreasing load 10-25%.
    • PRM - (Process Resource Monitor) – Monitors all resources used by all processes and if a process is being flooded or causing high load on the server, it is killed.
    • BFD - (Brute Force Detection) – Detects brute force connections and automatically enters the offending IPs into the firewall to be blocked.
    • LES - (Linux Environment Security) - Enforces root-only permissions on system binaries as well as other restrictions on system programs.
    • Exiscan and Clam-Antivirus or Qscanq (PLESK) with Clam-Antivirus – Detect emails containing viruses or spam and discard them so your server is not the origin of the spread of today’s common viruses or spam emails.
    • /tmp & /var/tmp hardening – We harden /tmp and /var/tmp so no malicious scripts can be executed from the commonly used directory.
    • /dev/shm hardening – Another place hackers tend to upload files to is /dev/shm. This directory is hardened as well.
    • Optimize FTP Server for faster connections.
    • Optimize MySQL & Apache to reduce load and speed up MySQL connections.
    • Secure Apache which reduces the amount of information visible about a server's software making it less vulnerable.
    • Host.conf Hardening – Prevents IP spoofing and prevents DNS poisoning.
    • CHKRootKIt – Simple script that detects software used by hackers. It scans once a day and emails the client if any suspicious scripts are found.
    • Disabling Unused Services – We disable unused services to prevent them from being exploited.
    • Firewall Installation - (APF, Kiss, Bastille)
    • TCP/IP Hardening – Prevents DDOS and SYN-Flood attacks.
    • Logwatch – Sends a daily report to the client with all activity that has taken place on the server for that day.
    • Operating System Optimization – Optimize the OS for faster operation and load reduction.
    • Remove unused software – We remove unneeded software to minimize the number of software that could possibly be exploited.
    • Remove unused services – Unused services are shutdown and their ports closed.
    • Libsafe - Libsafe prevents buffer overflows and scans for exploitable software and notifies the client daily if any is found.
    • Turck mmcache and Zend Optimizer Installation - mmcache dramatically decreases page loading times by caching php scripts. • SSH Server Hardening - locks down and hardens the SSH server.
    • Nessus Security Scan - We perform a security scan on your server and patch any vulnerabilities found.

    Fortified Server Setup - $135
    • Everything in the Essential Server Setup Package.
    • Mod_Security - Adds another layer of security for your web applications.
    • Mod_Dosevasive - Provides evasive action in the case of a DoS attack.
    • Samhain - File Integrity Detection System.
    • Smartd - Hard Drive reliability monitor. Provides i/o analysis and failure rates.
    • RKHunter - Comprehensive security analysis.
    • Disable php functions - Disabling potentially harmful php functions.
    • LSM (Linux Socket Monitor) - identifies rogue services.
    • Spam Protection (Cpanel & PLESK only) - enables mail server to use spam blacklists, filtering out 99% of internet spam.

    Monthly Proactive Service - Linux - $35 setup and $65/month
    • 24x7 Server SitterTM Monitoring Included ($20/month value)
    • Everything included in Essential server setup above
    • Weekly System Health / Security Audit
    • Weekly Tweaking to Optimize and Secure Server
    • Install any server-needed 3rd Party Software Upon Request (ImageMagick, Fantastico, Urchin, GD Library, etc)
    • Troubleshoot any problems that occur with the server
    • Priority Ticket Resolution
    • Constant Control Panel and OS Updates
    • Constant Security Patching
    • Constant Software Updates
    • Constant Kernel Upgrades (RHE, CentOS, or *custom kernels only)

    Now if you order a custom kernel recompile (2.6.13 or 2.4.31 w/ grsec module) with a proactive management service, you receive free constant kernel recompiles/upgrades.

    We also work on server problems on a one-time basis for $30/hour

    To order, visit our site at

    Have a nice day!
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