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    Arrow [For Hire] Advanced Web Programmer -- Building Portfolio

    I am a web programmer and have been for over seven years now. I use to freelance program as a secondary means of income. Now I am trying to concentrate on achieving a job in the IT field as an HTML expert.

    In order for me to present myself to future employers, I must put together a portfolio of my past to recent work. Most of my past work has been long lost. I would normally delete old files to save some room on my hard drive in preparation of future projects.

    That being said, I am now searching for HTML/CSS/XHTML/PHP jobs from anyone in order to rebuild my portfolio to the recent extent of my programming knowledge. However, I cannot let my time go into these projects without some sort of reimbursement towards that time. I have bills, car payments, and so forth.

    I had a certain price structure before, but now I am willing to do all projects for $20.00 USD (or lower, depending on how in-depth the project is). I am also only willing to do minor PHP projects for that amount. If it is a semi-large PHP project, I will only increase that price slightly. I am currently not able to do major PHP projects.

    That price does include slicing the layout.

    You may contact me using the following methods:

    AIM: gi orgul
    Email: [email protected]

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    Looking for more work. Please use the information above.

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    Hi There!
    My name is Tim and I am the Founder/CEO of Tech Presence Website Design (soon to be hosting). I currently have a small sleuthe of designers (about 3) and I am looking for a few more. I would love for you to join our Website Development Team . We could actually throw you right into a current project.

    We do have a design process for you to follow. You will receive 70% Commsion as well as a Free Web Hosting Account (once we get a reseller ).

    If you are interested please send me a PM, An email at [email protected] or send me an AIM message at Airplanes010.


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