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    Which SuperMicro server ? Need suggestions..

    We're getting our own rack soon and will be coloing from that point on instead of renting dedicated servers as we have done so far..

    I've decided on 1RU Xeon Supermicro servers .. but which one exactly I still cannot decide.

    Basically, on-board HDD interface does not matter because I will be putting a 3Ware 8006-2LP raid card in each server and will have a 36Gb Raptor in RAID1 (ie. 2 Raptors), 1 Gig of memory and that's it.

    Now I've noticed that 'DDR2' servers seem to be the newer ones and this one in particular caught my attention:

    I mean, I don't even know what the benefits of DDR2 would be or if I should even bother with it, but it probably wouldn't hurt is my guess..

    What I'd like is ..

    1) stable motherboard with good, reliable onboard network as I intend to use onboard ethernet (is this a bad idea, should I buy lowprof ethernet cards as well?)

    2) I will only have 1 x 2.8Ghz Xeon on each server .. even though the boards are all dual Xeon. It's a 1RU server and I don't need the extra power so I don't want to overheat them..

    3) good cooling and power supply. Should I go for a server that has cold-swap or even redundant PSU?

    The server above does not even mention 'cold swap psu' which is a bit confusing .. I thought you could replace the PSU on ANY server when it's turned off ..??? Incl the one above ... or are their PSUs welded on or something and when they die you have to replace the whole box ???

    Anything else you guys consider important please let me know. Thanks

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    I don't want to start a flame war, but my understanding has been that Xeon's are in reality merely P x (Pentium III originally and now Pentium IV) cores where the multiprocessing hardware support works.  (I.E., the Pentium III had bugs and couldn't be used in a multiprocessor configuration but rather than fixing the bugs Intel rev'd the chip and called the "multiprocessor-capable" cores Xeons instead.)

    Thus, if you aren't going to use dual cpu's, and have no intention of adding a 2nd cpu later, then you would be better off buying Pentium IV's instead of Xeons.

    Folklore has it that dual processors should always be the same die stepping/revision so if one wants a dual-processor motherboard it is best to buy it with two identical rev cpu chips rather than adding a second cpu later.  I'm not sure if this is still true, but traditionally this is why one would order a Xeon only with both processors or else simply go with a Pentium IV single processor server. Web Services - High-performance Hosting & Fully Managed Servers
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    From what I know Pentium 4's run much hotter and have a smaller cache and are thus out of question ...

    Anyway, this is very much off topic.

  4. Re: Which SuperMicro server ? Need suggestions..

    Originally posted by papi
    Now I've noticed that 'DDR2' servers seem to be the newer ones and this one in particular caught my attention:
    6014V barebone is an excellent choice.

    regardless any tangible beneffit or not, DDR2 modules cost the same with, if not less than, DDR1 nowadays. remember to put in a pair of 512M to achieve the 128-bit dual-channel mode.

    the so-called 'cold-swap' means you need to unplug power cord in order to swap out defective power supply which is fixed-mount by 3 screws, and it's certainly removable.

    if you install large # of the identical servers in data center, it's always a good idea to keep some spare parts in data center, such as one spare set of power supply, server board, RAM, HDD. some operators of larger installation will even keep a entire server minus HDDs as spare unit so that it can be used to swap defective server with minimal downtime. after the bad server is out and fixed, then it becomes the spare.

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    p3's can be ran in dual config I have had one for three plus years. As for the Xeon more cache, different architecture are also a little more stable when running for mnth/yrs and they also have better server chipsets.

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