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    Soon to provide Shared hosting. Suggestions Please.

    Soon I will be providing shared hosting and, i'm looking for suggestions on the site, features, prices basically anything. I have not yet reached 5 post yet so, please goto the site from my profile.


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    You should have really posted this in "Running a webhosting business".

    But ill give you some input:

    Dont use a resold template for the website design.
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    Try to be origional as possible but at the same time stay competitive as well.
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    Originally posted by voidhosting
    You should have really posted this in "Running a webhosting business".
    Actually, Other Reviews is the right forum for it because the OP is asking for feedback. I've moved the thread.

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    Definitely strive for originality! That is key when starting such a business.

    In terms of pricing, no one can really tell you what you should and shouldn't offer, it is really depenedent upon your situation. How many people will work for you, what will their pay be, what type of server are you running, yearly or monthly lease, colocation, etc. All of these things will modify your service plans and prices, so you should consider them heavily and do a lot of research before you start to make sure you don't lose on efficiency while utilizing precious time in trial-and-error.

    A lot of research goes a long ways lol.

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    I think before price you should look at cust serv, I mean there are so many shared hosting prov, all offering very similar or same deals for about the same. What it should come down to is how there trreated from you.

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    That is true, and customer service should ultimately sway your prices in one direction or another. If you provide an extensive support staff, then obviously your prices should compensate for such a staff. You should provide information on your staff and availability, so they know what they are getting, and understand they will have great service.

    On the other hand, if you don't provide that much, then your prices should reflect that., Superb Cpanel Web Hosting.
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