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    I've been having difficulties with my partner. I've just logged on to find that my username on the forums has been stripped of admin, and the password for all CPanel/FTP access changed.

    I've got a lot of graphics I made for the site on there. I was just wondering what is the best way to get the rights to the design back into my hands? I've spent countless hours creating dozens of web graphics, and I really would like to either reuse or resell them.

    Site is:
    my portflio ~great design for less.
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    It is your bad that you have not hosted the site on other host and uploaded it straight on your partner's one.
    You can just right-click and "save as..." the images...
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    I have all the images on the harddrive (I made them all). All I want is the rights to my images... not even the coding (which he did). Just the graphics. I assume the only way to retain full rights to the images again is to have them delete the images himself?
    my portflio ~great design for less.
    AIM: Mattc0m | E-mail: mattc0m[at]

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    nice site!
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    i'm kidding of course, but that's all that shows when you go to the site.
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    Did you contact the host?

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    Yeah try contacting his host, tell them what hes done and hopefully they will be able to do somthing about it.

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