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    Google adsense

    can anyone sharing what the best way to get more click
    on google adsense, my site not make much money

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    You shouldn't "try" to get clicks for google adsense banners, the idea is that its targeted advertising, which sucks i know, but if Google see a pattern of strange looking clicks on your account they will lock your account and you will lose all your earnings without contact, so the only thing you should do is keep them on your site and hope someone clicks, you could ask some friends to click on MSN or something, but i wouldn't go much further then that.

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    There is problem though... if someone wants you to get your account cancelled, he/she could just click-refresh a lot of times on your banner.
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    Nah that wont have any effect.. impressions have no effect on cheating because you only get paid per click, not per impression, and if someone did click it more then once it would only count as 1 click.

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    Here is a short answer...

    To get more traffic and to make users visit your site periodically, your site should have the following elements...
    . Look and feel (interface)
    . Navigation easiness
    . Material to read, write or participate in (i.e. articles, forums)
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