Services offered are from our core POP on the 2nd floor of Redbus Sovereign House.

We (nitrotech solutions) operate our own fully redundant multihomed BGP4 network on which bandwidth is uncontended and non-oversold. We receive a mix of Abovenet, Tiscali and Level3 from both Catalyst2 and Gyron along with their peering routes and those of Kewlio.

The following dedicated server has become available through a sister company, Quzo, which operates from our network and all support/billing etc will be through that brand.

Server Information:

This server was originally built as a game-serving machine and as such is still suited to do so although you are welcome to use it for alternative purposes.

1u rackmount server
AMD Opteron 146 CPU (2.0ghz)
120GB Samsung Spinpoint SATA HD
Tyan Motherboard
CentOS 4.1 (x86_64)

Setup: Free

With 1000gb bandwidth: 115 GBP per month

With 10mbit unmetered bandwidth: 250 GBP per month

Off-site network backup space is available at 25 GBP per month for 10gb.

cPanel: 25 GBP per month

Alternative Linux/BSD OS: 40 GBP one-off fee

Service includes, free of charge:

* Unlimited IP addresses (subject to RIPE regulations)
* Free reboots
* MRTG port statistics
* Backup DNS and MX feeds

Subject to a minimum contract length of 3 calendar months.

We currently do not charge VAT so the prices you see are exactly what you pay.

Please also note that we do not allow IRC related services or adult material on our network.

Please contact [email protected] to order, or for further information on our dedicated server or colocation offers.

Many thanks,