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    ftp upload - need help

    I am trying to upload my website (written in FrontPage) via FTP.
    With my previous hosts I have "www" directory, and I was uploading there everything went to (I think) public folder.
    Now with new host ( I don't have such directory...
    I created "www". uploaded there and it doen't work
    If i download my pages bacl to my desktop and open - there is no banner, baclground, pictures, etc.
    I get use to cpanel and here I have HSphere(?) control panel and I am a bit lost/
    I sent two e-mails to support - no respond yet.
    I am tired of all my hosting related mishaps and downs.
    Any thoughts?
    Do I have to create "www"
    a - in
    b - in
    c - in
    d - ????

    Thank you

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    Sounds like your package might be missing the front page extensionsor they might not be enabled, also if your host is a linux server you should looking to put all your files in your public_html directory.
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