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    PHP Processing script

    Hi. Could someone help me out?

    I'm trying to make a script that allows you to enter a PHP script into a text box then run it instead of having to upload it.

    It would be useful for testing and learning purposes.

    Here's what I currently have: http://visionalgraphics/phpcodeprocesser/

    I send it to a php script to run a php script. Just unsure on what I need to do.
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    I'd suggest immediately taking that script down. Now.

    It allows any person to run ANY PHP on your server. A big security hole? Unbelievably. An experienced cracker could ruin everything.

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    The proper way to go about this, would be to set up Apache/PHP on your personal box behind a firewall. There's nothing about learning PHP which requires a remote server. Deus Raijin, welcome to WHT, and thanks for pointing that out to teh, you're certainly right that that's an absolute no-no in terms of security.


    This is not a script you want anyone to be able to run, there are worse. An open invite to mischief on the server, I tried it out but teh's lucky it doesn't work. Such an effort should be reserved for one's personal, firewalled machine not one's public webserver. I suppose the way to do it, would be to take the entered script, save it on the server as something.php and redirect to that file upon submit.
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    $code = "<?php ".stripslashes($_POST['code'])."?>";
    $fpath = "./test1.php";
    $file = fopen($fpath,"w+");
    /////INCLUDING FILE////////////////
    <form method="post">
    <textarea name="code"></textarea>
    <input type="submit" value="Run It" name="run">

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