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    Anyone care to share their site on PowerVPS? I'm almost ready to buy...

    Hi there,

    I hope this is ok to ask.

    I have a few projects that I think need a VPS server. I have been searching for a few months and thanks to WHT I'm pretty sure I want to start at PowerVPS. I would like to see some sites hosted with PowerVPS.

    Would people hosted with PowerVPS care to reply with their URL's or PM me with them?


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    I'd highly recommend them. I was a customer for... 6 months or so. Their service is exceptional, even at odd hours of the morning. They've always been able to help me (retrive backups etc) and don't stop until the job is done to my satisfaction.

    I outgrew my vps with them so I am no longer hosted with them, but again still highly recommend them.

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    Can't go wrong with PowerVPS, I was with them for a bit and couldn't have been happier.... Likewise, I outgrew my VPS and was forced to get a dedicated. If you wanna go the VPS route, do it with them!

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    I'm currently with PowerVPS and have been for only 2 months. Love them so far!

    Highly recommended.

    My site was down for 7 minutes last night when they upgraded the linux kernel, other than that, 100% uptime

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    I have been hunting around too and so far out of all the companies ive checked out powerVPS seems to be the one. They also have a great reputation. At least on these boards anyway, lots of happy customers.

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    I just wish that PowerVPS would correct the grammar and continuity mistakes on their site. That turned me off so much that I just went with ServInt.

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    I do see a few mistakes here and there but nothing major. What do you see, damnit77?
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