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    Thumbs up Inspirenetworks=good Netsol=bad

    Last Friday I posted on this forum relating a problem that I was having with Network Solutions email. It seems that as part of their server "upgrade" my two domains lost email service and senders got a bounce message indicating that the mailboxes were not accepting delivery. When I called NetSol support they professed no knowledge of a problem and said they hoped to have a solution "within 7 days." The phone rep made a point of telling me that the Engineering Group that handles these issues doesn't work Saturday or Sunday, so it was entirely likely that my problem would persist (at the very least) throughout the weekend.

    When I checked in with NetSol support late on Friday afternoon, I was told that the problem was discovered to be a wider issue than just my two domains (SURPRISE!) and that they were working to fix the problem.

    Having no faith in their ability to even know that there was a problem, I contacted Mike Bayes from Inspire Networks. Mike is a regular poster on this forum and he sounded like he runs a tight ship. I emailed the mailbox setup information to Mike, sent him the one-year hosting fee via Paypal, repointed my MX record and was up and running in less than 2 hours.

    The service at Inspire Networks has been great. The only glitch was when NetSol decided that they would do me a favor by repointing one of the MX records away from Inspire...without asking my permission. For a full day+ I received no email from one of the domains because of this NetSol foul-up.

    I repointed the MX back to Inspire and told NetSol to KEEP THEIR MITTS OFF since it was clear that they were utterly clueless. I'm now in the process of moving my registrations away from Netsol (even though I'm paid up for 5 years) because they have demonstrated such a blatant disregard for the importance that I place on email service.

    Bottom line: I was in a pinch and Network Solutions let me flounder. took action immediately and I'm thrilled!

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    Excellent review DukeBruno, and I couldn't agree more with your general dislike for Network Solutions. Though I've always found their phone staff to be helpful and courteous, they certainly make every effort to lock you down and scare you into using their overpriced services.
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    Great review, glad to hear that you are happeir with InsireNetworks. I hope the pleasant experience continues, best of luck

    Although I have never used Network Solutions myself, I have heard only negative comments about them.

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    They are most definitely trying to scare me. I needed help "unlocking" the two domains so I could proceed with the domain transfer. I spoke to a customer service rep who tried to tell me all the bad things that could happen during a transfer. I was polite, but at one point I had two other phone lines ringing and hung up on the rep. A few minutes later I received an email from the rep indicating that she was documenting the fact that she warned me about possible downtime in the event I did the transfer incorrectly. Then I received automated emails from NetSol asking that I reconsider my transfer request.

    For all their faults, I do give them credit for making me chuckle now and then.

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    I think that netsol is relatively good, just abit expensive.

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