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    How to register a domain for a friend

    Hi Guys,

    I want to register a domain as a birthday gift for a friend of mine, but i'm confused on how to do it (i've registered a couple of domains for myself on yahoo before, but never done something like this before).

    I'm looking at either godaddy or namechaep as the registrars, i've never used their services before so I would really appreciate your help on how to get it done.


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    Well you could just enter his name / email address there. He would get the email from the registrar at that point and you could email him a happy birthday.

    Or put it in your name first & then change it afterwards

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    Go to and register a FREE account. Then search if the domain you want is available. If yes then register it with your friends details. Then pay for it using credit card or PayPal. Done and the domain is your friend's.
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    Thanks guys for your input......much appreciated!!

    I created an account with namecheap and registered the domain with my friends details.

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    Ohh good, I would have recommended they have a gifting option.

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    Originally posted by Cryos
    Ohh good, I would have recommended they have a gifting option.
    What is a gifting option?
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