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    Need to find the right reseller!

    My list of requirements in order

    (1) Professional, well-established Provider with proven history as a stable company with sufficient resources to provide the following

    (2) Uptime

    (3) Support

    (4) Well-Managed Servers - Resources (No Overselling)

    I would like LINUX servers, and want to spend around $25.00-$35.00 a month for a decent reseller account to start out with, with a company that can grow with me and offers easy upgrade plans when the time is right.

    I have read numerous reviews and comments over the past 3 years that I have followed the boards, and it seems the results are always different. Nowadays Site5 is popular, axishosting, etc.. if you have reseller accounts on these two and can testify to their speeds and support, stablity, and any other information that would be great!

    Of the two, comments regarding Site5 seem to be low regarding delayed support response. I expect a lot from my host as I will be providing my clients with top of the line support and hold-handing if it may be. my target is a niche group and I will not be offering budget hosting for $6.00-$8.00.

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    It seems you have put a considerable amount of time and energy into thinking everything through, which is great!

    I would *highly* suggest (even though you already most likely have) to search WHT (just the reseller forum) for reviews and comments on hosting companies. Try searching for “reputable company” or “excellent,” things of that nature. Once you have compiled a list, search again and read the comments on each and every company on your list.

    It would even be a good idea to e-mail the sales dept. of every host to ask them general and/or specific questions which should help you gauge what support tickets would be like.

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    You have a good idea of what you want and it is nice to see you are not just after price, but rather value for money (ie. a high quality of service for a fair price). I think your budget is about right for this type of plan.

    Unfortunatly, there are many companies who you may look at who "seem" to offer what you want, but for a lot lower cost. Remember to keep it in your mind that you get what you pay for, so be very careful when choosing your host.

    I would agree with phpcoder, have a look around WHT etc, but most importantly, make sure that any hosts you look at, you email them on a regular basis prior to signing up up with all your questions about the service.

    From this you can somewhat gauge the quality of support, although a lot of companies are better at sales then they are at support, so even with this you have to be careful.

    Whichever company you decide to go with, good luck! - Quality Web Solutions That Work!
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    (4) Well-Managed Servers - Resources (No Overselling)
    If a host allows its resellers to oversell, then the server's resources are highly likely to be oversold, even if the host engages in some mild underselling. BTW, a host engaging in underselling will be on the expensive side.

    That said, both models (with or without allowing overselling) can work.
    my target is a niche group and I will not be offering budget hosting for $6.00-$8.00.
    Then it would probably be a good idea not to get reseller hosting from a budget reseller hosting provider.

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    Well, I know meets all your requirements. They've been around for several years, have a good reputation on these forums, and their community is alive and thriving.

    Check them out and ask lots of questions. After a few days, sit back and ask yourself if you can see yourself as a customer of the company.

    Let us know what you decide.

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    I will tell you what I tell all of our clients. When choosing a provider, especially if you need a resellers account -- Be sure that the company you choose will be there for you and support you as they say they would, keep in mind who ever you make the choice on going with.. they will be your back bone. I personally have no idea on who you should go with, but good luck in making your choice.

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