Custom coded tutorial website –


Because of other commitments I have decided to sell my tutorial website,

I have owned the domain since February but I have only just got round to developing it. The domain itself is top notch. I was very happy when I acquired it; it’s a shame that I have to let it go so early on in the websites life.

I recently paid to have a custom design made for the website and a complete custom coded backend. This came to a total cost of $3,000.

Included in this sale is full rights to the script, you can do whatever you like with it. Make spin off turnkey sites, setup a site selling copies of the script etc. It would be yours to do as you wish.

Some of the features of the admin cp include:
- Setup accounts for admin users with set permissions.
- Newsletter subscription.
- Add / remove partner links.
- Change banner ad codes on the fly.
- Almost all the text on the website is editable from the admin panel.
- Add tutorials in “steps”.
- Go back to unfinished tutorials that were not completed and finish them off.

It has literally loads of features and is probably one of the best admin panels I have ever worked with.

Here are a few screen shots of it in action.

If any serious want to know anything else about the admin cp I can give you access to a test account so you can take a look around.

One of the more unique features about this website is the way it handles tutorials in “steps”. Each step for each tutorial is displayed on a different page. If the new owner of the site sets up some good CPM banners on the site then submits the tutorials to some tutorial directories then it would be a serious money maker.

The website is currently getting minimal traffic. I have not don’t any advertising for the website what-so-ever at this point. My plain was to fill the site with some good quality tutorials before starting to advertise it. Anyway, here is the webstat. Because of this, revenue is also minimal.

This website would be a great investment for anyone with a bit of time on there hands.

Starting bid - $700
BIN - $3000

If anyone has any questions please drop me a PM.