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    please help before my head explodes ;)

    I'm highly frustrated right now, but i'm going to try to keep this calm and collective.

    What I am hoping for is for some of you to recomend some hosts that offer higher end reseller accounts.

    Some reqs before you post.

    1) I want you to have first hand experiance using their service for at least 12 months straight.

    2) be a current customer.

    3) not work for them, have an affiliate account with them, own the company, or ever had any of the above.

    What I need...

    75-100 gigs of xfer
    6-10 gigs of storage

    NO BS, no paypal, no fly by night.

    a physical address in the USA or Canada
    Support in the USA or Canada

    24/7 everything

    Support that answers tickets before the server decides to come back up via a magic genie.

    Notice the lack of price. It doesn't matter, but keep in mind that I can get my own server at various datacenters for 100-200 a month. I am however hoping to save myself admin time as well as a few bucks. Suggestions welcome and please excuse my spelling i'm too tired and frustrated to spellcheck.
    I reserve the right to be wrong at all times

    phpbb forums without hosting fees

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    Windows or Linux, that will help with any recommendations.

    If linux, fits in about that price range, and has a good reputation.

    For windows, maximumasp has just slightly less space, more transfer, and is slightly more expensive.

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    I have no first hand experience with the following hosts, But i lurk these forums all day, And i see a lot of positive comments about various hosts, If i was in your position i would look into the following hosts.

    Linux-> (Run by a well established company, Like you asked) + they have a plan that easily fits your requirements.

    Windows-> They have many happy users on these forums, Do a search! They have a plan that fits your requirments + i believe they offer 24/7 Livesupport.


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    hi there,

    you have not define the os here, i hope hostgator is the best for you, it have good reseller offer and palns

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    Sorry that you have been having such a hard time finding a reliable host. You might want to look in the shared & reseller offers section or use the host quote feature at the top.

    Just wondering, what is your budget exactly for this request?

    Best of luck with your search, I hope you find a reliable host that can accommodate your needs

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    sorry, linux
    I reserve the right to be wrong at all times

    phpbb forums without hosting fees

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    Originally posted by Shin
    sorry, linux

    The possibilities are somewhat endless, You will not know about the quality of a host until you have used them yourself, What other people say can only be a guide. People have different expectations


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    Hi Shin,

    I use ( 1year ) and recommend bliksem ( )

    I have 2 account with them in 2 diferent servers

    I am very happy, uptime, load, server, all OK

    Honest and helpfull people.

    physical address in the USA > YES
    Support in the USA > YES "IN HOUSE "

    24/7 everything > YES I remmeber the past 31december 2004 2am i send ticket > answer in 15min


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    I am also with Bliksem and meet your requirements for responding..

    The uptime with Bliksem has been great, as is the server load. Customer service is also top-notch.

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