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    Hosting website needs comment

    Please spend 2 minutes of your time to rate my website

    I dont know why i could not get customers much, only < 5 last month


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    I'm guessing English isn't your first language. Instead of "The Better Support", I would just use "Better Support". "The" doesn't make much sense in front of it.
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    Nice layout!

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    thanks for your compliments. But I still could not find enough customers.

    Do you guys think my packages are not interesting enough. What can I do to improve?

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    Great site, I like the look and feel of it.

    I'm not seeing anything wrong with your plans either. The big thing would be to get some ads out there, Run some ads. Setup some big promotions to get a decent customer base and then keep them very happy, word of mouth will become a very powerful tool.
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    Well, your site is not optimized for search engines.

    I haven't fount any META tags in the pages. You should create META tags with keywords, descriptions, etc.

    Also, you should consider Google Sponsored Ads, or Google Ads to make the target audience pay attention to your site.

    Visit some advertising forums and post some info about it.

    Install Google Site Map script and use it regularly.

    I hope, I made it clear why you don't have many visitors :-)

    As to design - I like it. Nice and informative, yet impressive. All the info the customer might need is there.

    That's it, I think.


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    I agree with H4H, optimize your site for SE's, without them , its hard to get visitors and clients.

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    hey singhost... I would suggest hiring a professional proofreader to review your site... I found several grammatical errors

    also, who have you defined as your target audience?
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    Re: Hosting website needs comment

    Originally posted by singhost
    Please spend 2 minutes of your time to rate my website

    I dont know why i could not get customers much, only < 5 last month

    1. I am viewing your website using the Mozilla Firefox web browser (version 1.0.7) with my monitor's resolution set to 1024x768. The website is not centered, at this resolution, but aligns to the left hand side of the screen. This would not be noticeable at a resolution of 800x600, but it is noticeable at 1024x768. This is a negative.

    2. Your choice of color schemes leaves a lot to be desired. The shade of blue that dominates the human eye, when vieiwng the site, lacks vibrancy. To make matters worse, the text color for your menu on the left hand side is a bland, darker color blue.

    3. The rollover effect on the menu on the left hand side is a plus, because it makes the link options stand out and grab the eye, when the site visitor moves their mouse over the menu options listed. However, that said, the white colored text on that bland blue rollover background color does not provide sufficient contrast. Yes, the site visitor can read the menu options when they move their mouse over them, but the human eye would respond better, if the degree of contrast between text and background color was increased.

    4. As a general rule of thumb, for a business oriented site, having a woman's picture on the page would be a better choice than having a man's picture on it. The current male model does not really grab the eye nor excite the site viewer to any noticeable degree. Rather, he simply helps to tone down the excitement level. This, combined with a bland and mediocre color scheme, renders the site boring to look at.

    5. Adding to the woes of this site is a pale gray colored world map. This pales the site down, even further, and the white background that the map sits upon compounds this "pale down" effect even further.

    6. The greatest degree of contrast on the site come sin the form of the black tabs in the horizontal menu at the top of the page. Yet, you do not capitalize on this, because the text color used in the black tabs is a light colored blue. Also, the rollover effect of the black tabs rolls to a pale blue, with that same light blue text. Ugh! As a general rule of thumb, a rollover effect should INCREASE contrast or grab the human eye. The rollover effect used on those black tabs does neither.

    7. The rollover effect in the four boxes, where the various hosting plans are displaced is the best rollover effect on that page. It provides a sharper transition, where the contrast element is concerned. That said, the atrocious color scheme problems plague the text used in these boxes.

    8. The horizontal text links at the extreme top and bottom of the page provide good examples of two approaches to contrast. The light blue text links at the top just plain suck. They pale the site down even further, whereas the bottom text links in dark blue contrast well against the light blue background color at the very bottom. Contrast is particularly important, where the desire to increase legibility of text on a web page is concerned.

    9. The text running sideways on the right hand side is a loser, in my book. It adds nothing to the site's aesthetics, while at the same time, I have to strain to read it. It draws the human eye, but it does so in a way that is negative. The end result is that is distracts from getting your message across to the site visitor.

    10. The bright orange box on the left hand side contrasts well against the rest of the page. But, color scheme-wise, it sticks out like a sore thumb.

    11. The white text on the site, as a general rule, is a failure. If you insist on retaining the white text, then make it larger in size. Even the bold impact on the white text on this page doe snot save it.

    12. The logo at the top left is easy to read. It stand sout more than probably anything else on this page. But, that has as much to do with the black text used directly beneath it, as anything else, since this black text helps to provide greater contrast in this area of the web page.

    13. The text on top of the white background in the center of the page is gray in color. Gray, by its nature, tends to pale things down. There's too much pale color going on on this page, already. The dark blue text on the white background stands out more.

    14. The menu is kept simple, as far as choices, so things don't tend to get lost, nor to confuse the site visitor. But, again, the color scheme kills the site, defeating any good that a simplified menu can hope to achieve for you.

    15. Your hosting plans, themselves, are nothing eye-opening.

    In sum, this website needs a major overhaul or an outright replacement. There is nothing about this page that excites me, as I visit it for the first time. It personifies boring. For a business, as a general rule of thumb, the very last thing that you want is to bore people. Internet users do not like to be bored. Your website suffers from not a single malady, but from a littany of small problems that collectively add up. I, currently, am looking for a web host, but there is nothing about your company's website, on the front page, that does anything to really interest me in contacting you nor in choosing you to be my webhost. If I did not pick your site, at random from this forum thread, to review, then I wouldn't have bothered spending more than a couple of seconds on it, were I to come across it while looking for a webhost.

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    Very nice, clean layout!

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    It is of no consequence to me, personally, whether he changes the website, or not. He asked for people to look at the site, and to rate it. I could have assigned a numerical rating, but a numerical rating, in and of itself, won't tell him what is wrong with the website.

    If he is happy with it, by all means, he should feel free to retain things exactly as they are.

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