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    -=Sleek New Coded Hosting Template.=- BIN: $100


    This is my new red and gray web hosting template design. This is custom made.. it was never bought nor sold. a little blurry due to the hosting)

    Bidding starts at $50.

    BIN is $100.

    You will get:
    Full Rights
    Fully sliced .psd file
    All fonts
    Minor Customization

    Please pay by money order. If not, pay pal.

    Good luck and thanks!

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    Re: -=Sleek New Coded Hosting Template.=- BIN: $100

    Nice template, good luck.

    Originally posted by Sonnic
    ...( a little blurry due to the hosting)...
    It's not because of the hosting, it's the quality of the image.
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    Yeah. I think I cropped it in a different program than usual.. and it came out weird. I'll fix.

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    I'd imagine he means it's blurry due to the hosting becuase the free image host only allows small file sizes

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